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Ngā Kakano Yrs 1 - 2


















Pohutukawa Club 2018 - our preschool club!


At Wilford School our Junior Syndicate has a team of high quality teachers delivering a programme across the curriculum to meet the needs of every individual student. We provide quality literacy and numeracy programmes through inquiry learning where the children learn, investigate, ask questions and take action that will benefit our school or the wider community.

We have well developed ICT infrastructure and ICT learning is integrated into all curriculum areas.

To support our students develop socially we provide a programme to empower students to become problem solvers. Building learning power helps them develop an ability to get ready and know how to learn.

As a prospective parent we can offer you quality time on a one-to-one basis explaining the classroom programme and what we can offer to develop their child's full learning potential.


Every Friday morning our students in Ngā Kakano are taking part in Discovery Time. This is part of our philosophy of supporting student learning through play; where a child makes a stronger sense and understanding of the world around them through opportunities to interact with people and objects in their environment. Learning Through Play provides children an opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, be creative and direct their own learning. It also provides opportunity to develop emotionally, socially, physically and cognitively. Each week the students have a focus – last week it was “Helping someone else and asking someone else for help.” Some of the activities the students do at Discovery Time are: Water play, Carpentry, Ball skills, Visual Art and Design, Construction, Strategic Thinking games, Cooperative play and using fabrics.

If you would like to know more about Discovery Time and Learning Through Play you are welcome to contact any of the Nga Kakano teachers to discuss this further.

Vanessa Phillips, Deputy Principal

ROOM 13  Teresa Taylor

BackROOM 14   Suzanne Taylor

ROOM 15 Debbie Boorman







Ngā Kākano

Ngā Kakano consists of four classes with students from New Entrant to Year 2.

Room 13 Year 1/2 - Teresa Taylor
Room 14 Year 1/2 - Suzanne Taylor
Room 15 Year 1 - Debbie Boorman
Room 16 New Entrant - Glenda Dempsey


New Entrant Information Evenings to be held:

Wednesday 6 June from 6-7pm

Wednesday 29 August from 6-7 pm

Wednesday 7 November from 6-7pm

Please contact the school office for more information or email Vanessa Phillips, Deputy Principal vanessa@wilford.school.nz