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Friday 22 May

The Lab Rats made lava lamps this week. It was literally science in a bottle as students learned about why oil and water don’t mix. Parent Jannene Allwood (also a geologist) came into lead this activity with about 20 students. Students made observations about what was happening between liquids in their jars. The excitement started to kick in as fizzy tablets were added. Students made predictions about what they thought was going to happen and then they were able to observe what actually did happen. This is learning to use evidence to support our thinking. This was also a good opportunity to extend student’s exposure to new vocabulary such as ‘hydrophobic’ which simply means, that oil has a ‘fear’ of water, a repellent reaction between molecules. “It was pretty good, I liked watching what happened when we put the tablets in” Flynn Butler (Room 6). Thank you to Jannene for her help and to our Intermediate students who stepped in to supply water and supervise younger students: Oliver, Te Haanea, Ali, Liam and Flynn.